Suki Kim and Christian Mihr

Between Disinformation and Digitalization: Current Challenges for Global Press Freedom as a Human Right

In their lectures Suki Kim and Christian Mihr debate the current challenges of global press freedom. Christian Mihr talks about the Press Freedom Index, which is published annually by Reporters Without Borders, and highlights five areas of crisis in journalism. Suki Kim talks about press freedom as a human right, about her research work in and about North Korea and analyses the current situation of the media in the US.

Christian Mihr is a journalist, human rights activist and expert on international media policy. Since 2012 he is managing director of Reporters Without Borders. Thematically, he is particularly interested in internet surveillance and censorship evasion, internet governance, media pluralism in the digital world and intelligence control in the digital age. Regionally, he is mainly interested in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Belarus and Russia. He is also very interested in the situation of journalism in Turkey.

Suki Kim, Schloss Wiepersdorf fellow 2020, investigative journalist and novelist, lives in New York. After a six-month undercover investigation in North Korea, she published her bestselling book Without You, There Is No Us: Undercover Among the Sons of North Korea Elite. Her non-fiction appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Harper's, The New Yorker, and the New Republic, where she is a contributing editor. Most recently, she was a Berlin Prize fellow at the American Academy, a Ferris professor at Princeton University and a Radcliffe fellow at Harvard University.  

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