Newsletter 4 / May/June 2020

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Virtual Residency 2020

In June, the Schloss Wiepersdorf Virtual Residency Program for the fellows of 2020 was launched. Through Zoom, the artists, composers, writers, and researchers first presented their works to the group and exchanged views on working methods, projects, and their current situation. A digital platform set up especially for the program offers the fellows the opportunity to meet for virtual coffee breaks in the coming weeks, to support each other in their work projects, to network, and to find inspiration.
In addition, EVENTS such as talks, lectures, and performances will take place, which will either be streamed live or can be found afterwards on the Schloss Wiepersdorf website. An online SHOWCASE has also been launched on the website. Here, the Wiepersdorf fellows continuously present new works, interviews, conversations, essays, readings, and more.



Ferngespräche: Vielstimmige Stimme und Klangtanz
Wednesday, 24 June 2020, 6 p.m., Live stream (German)

Alex Nowitz, composer-performer, vocal artist, whistling virtuoso, tenor, countertenor and Schloss Wiepersdorf fellow, will discuss concepts, strategies and examples of his work between solo performance and instrumental theatre, composed structure, improvisation and gesture-controlled live electronics with music curator and cultural manager Matthias Osterwold. The talk will be in German.


A Way of Making Ghosts by Aaron Cassidy (English)

Aaron Cassidy's lecture explores two recent works based on self-portraits by the painter Gerhard Richter, Self-Portrait, Three Times, Standing (15.3.1991–20.3.1991) and Self-portrait, 1996. It examines the stacking of realities that are present in the idea of the self-portrait, the complex relationship between what is real and what is fabricated, what is vulnerable and what is performed, what is revealed and what is covered or obscured. Above all, the talk addresses the question: where am ‘I’ in my work?

In this lecture series, invited experts from the fields of art and culture hold talks with individual Wiepersdorf fellows or give lectures followed by a discussion through Zoom. The lectures will subsequently be published on the website of the Cultural Foundation. In addition to the lecture 'A Way of Making Ghosts' by the American composer and conductor Aaron Cassidy, which can already be accessed on the Wiepersdorf website, guests in the coming weeks include Marcel Lepper, Mark Gisbourne, Jan Wenzel, and Christian Mihr.


Tränenketten A reading by Lina Atfah (Arabic with German subtitles)

Author Lina Atfah, Wiepersdorf fellow of 2020, recited her poem Tränenketten and recorded it for the online showcase of the Virtual Residency 2020. The poem is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s painting Wasserschlangen II. The poem was translated from Arabic into German by Mustafa Al Slaiman.

über die kulturlose zeit An Essay by Alex Nowitz (German language)

Composer and Wiepersdorf fellow Alex Nowitz reflects on the problem of 'physical distancing' for the art and cultural scene in the Covid-19 crisis.


The café in the Orangery will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 29 August 2020,from 2–5 pm. The Park Schloss Wiepersdorf is open at all times.


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