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© Nero Campanella
© Nero Campanella

Nero Campanella


September, October 2021

Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur Saarland

Nero Campanella, born 1977 in Saarbrücken, grew up in northern Saarland. He studied catholic theology and mathematics, then switched to German and French literary studies and musicology in Mainz, Cologne and Paris. After publishing sporadically under changing pseudonyms in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies, he began working on a multi-volume cycle of novels with the working title Fuga Mundi in 2016. In five parts, the genre-transcending panorama of the Western world will continue the fictional experiences of the protagonist Nero Campanella and his family from the 18th to the 22nd century in changing styles and forms. During his stay in Wiepersdorf, Nero Campanella will continue working on the first part of the series, White Saturnian Night, a coming-of-age and crime novel set in Saarland, which is scheduled for publication in 2022.